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In today’s chemically polluted world, the need to detoxify one’s life is so essential that it is more important than ever before. For most of the world’s population, daily human activities characterized mostly by a constant fight for survival have contributed to increasing different forms of pollution. Pollution entails toxicity that affects the body, mind, relationships and the environment. Any type of pollution can endanger health to various degrees, not just for humans, but also for animals.

Toxins that stress the body, mind, and soul come in varied forms. For instance, poisons from pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, drugs, and metabolic processes can directly compromise the integrity of living cells. Toxins cause vulnerability to diseases and basically impair cellular function.

As physical toxins affect the human body, other toxins such as negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours poison mental health, thereby creating unhappiness and an unhealthy state of mind. It is important to note that a toxic body affects one’s mental states just as a distressed state of mind adversely affects one’s physical health.

Total well-being is intrinsically related to one’s health conditions and that of the environment. The way to approach personal wellness is to vigilantly ensure environmental wellness, an approach that entails drastically reducing one’s carbon footprint. Overall wellness includes working on living in harmony with the Earth. To reach such harmony, one must first start by understanding the impact of human interaction on the environment. Taking action to protect the environment and all that relates to it is absolutely primordial.

Many thousands of health-compromising toxins have contaminated our air, water, and food supply. Practically speaking it is impossible to avoid toxins in our modern world, but individuals employ certain strategies that can limit their exposure to toxins both indoors and outdoors. Toxins largely affect the human population and as all types of new diseases are on the rise, it is important to connect the dots and be aware that every cause has an effect. Additionally, treating effects while ignoring the causes is simply counterproductive, and leads to perpetual management of the effects while the causes remain unaddressed but actively malignant.

A detoxified environment contributes to a healthy population. We all have an important part to play in minimising an escalating problem with pollution and toxicity. From a personal to a global level, it is crucial to work on reducing toxicity in order to achieve a healthier environment, therefore, a healthier population. Global survival largely depends on detoxification.

When we make a commitment to developing eco-friendly habits that are consistent with a more wholesome lifestyle, we end up less toxic and de-humanised. Even small changes can translate into a big difference over time. Every conscious effort made towards a clean and green environment is an essential key to a healthy habitat for humans, animals, and minerals.

With proper self-detoxification, it is quite possible to avoid, reduce, and eliminate certain health problems, such as obesity and excess body weight. Regular self-detoxification is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. When it becomes a routine, then lots of health issues eventually find resolution on their own.

It is a well-known fact that toxic people cause more chaos and emotional pain to others than non-toxic ones. Unfortunately, toxic people also have blinders that prevent them from knowing how chaotic they are to themselves and others. The problem does not stop with others as it also extends itself to every aspect of life.

Learning how to manage toxicity to create a healthier personal and general environment is a critical endeavour if the next generations have to use planet Earth as a habitat. Anyone with a sincere desire to make the world a better place can have a positive impact on the Earth and its life forms. All one has to do is take the initiative to detoxify oneself and the environment. By reducing toxic emissions, toxic chemicals, and the amount of industrial packaging we generate to use only once then throw away, we can eventually minimise our carbon footprint. Doing so can help control the levels of toxicity that affect physical health and also one’s states of mind due to negative interactions with the environment.

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