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Hi and Welcome to my site Beverly McLeod,

Nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to find out who I am. I have been doing online for 20 yrs. I ran a couple of Euchre Leagues on Yahoo, as a hobby. Bev-profilePeople would come to our site and we would run tournaments for them to compete in. For every Win they would advance in rank. The goal was to be #1 in the league. Yes it could get pretty competitive. But I loved doing it. Met many great online friends, who we still kept in touch.

My professional side has been lengthy 40yrs plus. I have also been blessed to have such a full experience professionally. I am Hairstylist. Besides working in the Studio, I also worked with a Modelling Agency for 12 years. Working with photographers from New York , LA to Spain.

I was a judge for a few years for “Fresh Faces”. Selecting / finding new talent to train and mold into future International Models. Winners from our area would move on to compete on the International Stage.

I was a Educator / Colour Tech for Joico of Canada. Been trained by who’s who of the Industry. Being a Hairstylist is really my Art / helping people feel good about themselves. So rewarding 🙂 I love to give back when I can , I feel it is very important.

I donated my time to work “Telemiracle’s”. This is where for 18 hrs of who’s who come together to raise money to improve the quality of life and the independence of hundreds of people every year. Saskatchewan residents are able to access special needs equipment and medical assistance that wouldn’t otherwise be attainable. This is Televised, I would in the back doing hair for the National Cast. We all stayed up for at least 24hrs , great fun , great people. The feeling of accomplishment of raising millions of dollars in such a short time and help so many can be overwhelming …… say the least.

Then January 1st, I got involved with a company that has “Functional Drinks”. I was lacking in Energy, Had some serious brain fog going on, and I had quit smoking 10 years ago and gained way to much weight, ( besides being a professional dieter). I’ll blog about that later. My boss introduced me to these products, She heard about them from her Naturalist. That caught my attention. All natural with no GMO’s.

After one month of consuming this “Coffee” I lost 18 pounds !! It was melting off me. Literally. My mood was elevated, the brain fog gone, and totally enjoying life.  My clients were starting to notice and commenting how clearer my eyes looked and my skin looked better. AND I WASNT DIETING. Kind of like the scene in Harry met Sally ” I want what she has!!”

Then I knew, had something here in my hot little hands. When my clients kept saying to me, “ I want some of what you have “ . In comes my second income a wellness product. Now I am making my clients look great, inside and out. ( total loss to date August 1st 40 lbs) and I repeat no dieting. Check my link “WORK WITH ME”

This is my journey and how I got here, but its also my place where I can connect with you and help you along on your journey. “I love helping people” and I work with a great team around me. I thirst for Knowledge, and love to learn and teach.

I want to share my hints and tips with you. What I will do is put the content here and I try and do videos as much as I can. I believe that sharing what I do best, not only helps me but it helps you.

You can connect with me on my social networks, I like to be sociable . You can connect with me via Facebook (Beverly Mcleod Szumutku) Linkedin ( Beverly Mcleod). I love to share.

Footnote, I write how I talk, nothing formal, just from the Heart.

Let’s hug the world together.

Beverly (Szumutku) Mcleod

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