Breakthrough AM/PM

Are You Ready to Find Your Breakthrough!

A simple 12 Day Cleanse (every 90-days) to assist in providing an optimal environment of digestion, detoxification and elimination.

Prevail Breakthrough AM/PM™ is two simple formulas designed for morning and night use, this product will have you fit, healthy and happy all day.

Valentus BreakThrough

A formula that is a source of antioxidants and probiotics that will temporarily support natural bacteria and digestion.

  • ​Manage Weight support your weight loss program
  • Support Healthy Metabolism
  • Help Detoxify and Replenish

The AM Prevail Breakthrough formula contains ProDura® Bacillus coagulant, a spore-forming probiotic that is superior to non-spore probiotics. It may help support your bodies own natural, healthy cholesterol levels and aids in lactose intolerance.

​The PM Prevail Breakthrough is a whole food, a powerful nutrient drink designed to support detoxification. This formula may help the body maintain natural yeast levels, increase nutrient absorption and support a healthy metabolism.

​A quarterly regimen (every 90-days) is designed for ease of use, and only 12 days are needed to provide the optimal environment for digestion and detoxification. Start drinking! Your body will thank you.

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