In Support of Racial Equality, Here’s Where We Are Donating

Over the past few weeks, we have been listening, processing, considering, and discussing the injustices impacting our BIPOC friends, family members, Associates, and community at large. In this moment, change is paramount, and we want to do that collectively as one community. We are holding ourselves accountable and reflecting on how we can use our platform to amplify Black voices. We’re doing the work to support our Black community, and we’re taking action in support of true change. (Learn more on that here.)

After much consideration and due diligence in researching where to donate funds in support of this change, we’ve chosen organizations that truly align with our mission and quest for safer products. We selected community-led groups that are working to eliminate systemic racism, have a history of leadership on these issues, and have Black leadership and/or founders. We have chosen these organizations because we believe that fighting for racial and environmental justice involves supporting those that directly impact and improve the lives of Black individuals and their communities. Keep in mind that by choosing to donate to these organizations, Beautycounter recognizes the important work they do, but does not automatically endorse the organizations’ past or present policy positions. We support their programs specific to removing toxic chemicals from beauty products for BIPOC and investing in the education of the next generation of leaders.

Today, we are proud to announce a commitment of $100,000 to Black Women for Wellness and the Visible Men Academy, while continuing to invest more resources into organizations and internal staffing. We also matched all HQ associate contributions to the organizations fighting racism of their choice for the month of June.

What Is Black Women for Wellness?

Black Women for Wellness (BWW) is a Los Angeles-based organization that promotes the health and well-being of Black women and girls through research, education, advocacy, and access to affordable health services. The organization is particularly focused on reducing the harmful ingredients often used in hair-care products marketed to Black women.

For years, Beautycounter has worked with BWW on advocacy initiatives to make personal-care products safer for our health. This year, we’re joining BWW again to support the California Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act, which would ban harmful ingredients, like formaldehyde and parabens (often found in hair relaxers), from products sold in the state.

What Is Visible Men Academy?

Visible Men Academy (VMA) is a tuition-free school for boys in Bradenton, FL. The mission of VMA is to deliver a high-quality educational experience that meets the specific needs of at-risk elementary school boys through the collaborative efforts of administrators, teachers, parents, the broader community, and the students themselves.

Neil Phillips, CEO of Visible Men Academy, is regarded as a national thought-leader on Black male achievement, minority education, and youth empowerment. He is a member of Beautycounter’s expert advisory group focused on Community Expansion.

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