If you’ve ever seen the film E.T. (the biggest money-making film of all time until Titanic and Avatar came along), you’re probably familiar with the scene where E.T. follows a trail of Reese’s Pieces.

This scene put the previously unknown candy on the promotional map. Sales tripled within two weeks of the movie’s premiere and stayed high forever after.

What you probably don’t know is that Reese’s Pieces weren’t the filmmakers first choice. Mars, Inc had been asked to put M&Ms in the movie and passed on the opportunity.

Think about it over the years, consumers spent millions of dollars on Reese’s Pieces that would otherwise have been spent on M&M’s, all because Mars couldn’t see the opportunity that was staring them in the face.

Here it is, now, for you-your E.T. moment. Don’t miss your opportunity and blow the chance of a lifetime!

Go to Valentus now for a look at the most astounding business opportunity you’ll ever see! It changed my life much like the film E.T. forever altered the fortunes of Reese’s Pieces, taking me from broke to stoked! It can do the same for you!

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Retail Commissions – Paid Weekly

25%. All orders from your web site count as personal BV towards your monthly requirement for commissions. To earn retail commissions you must maintain a minimum of 50BV personal volume each month.

Valentus Preferred Customer Loyalty Reward Program

Preferred customers purchase at wholesale $59.95 (USD) per box. If they refer TWO Preferred Customers who set up and each purchase (product value equal to or greater than their own auto-delivery option), then the referring Preferred Customer’s next month’s scheduled order will be FREE (not including shipping costs and any applicable sales taxes charged to the Preferred Customer).

To advance ranks, through purchasing, you will be required to purchase the Business Builder Pack.

Business Builder Pack

A $100 Fast Start bonus is paid out on the first Business Builder Pack purchased on an account.

Once the $100 is paid out, no other Fast Start Bonus’ are paid out on an account.

* No time-frame


A Multi-Pack Fast Start Bonus is paid out “one-time” for any multi-pack…when the multi-pack is the “first-order” on the account.

Basic = $20
Starter = $40
Advanced = $60
Business Builder $100

Scenario A
1st Order: Basic $20
2nd Order: Basic $0
3rd Order: Advanced $0
4th Order: Business
Builder $100 (Done)

Scenario B
1st Order: Business
Builder $100 (Done)
2nd Order: Basic $0

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