My Personal Journey with Valentus .

Beverly McLeod The Update

Well this my update on my Journey with Valentus functional drinks. I started January 1st 2016, and as of May 1st, I have lost 35 pounds. It has been the easiest thing I have ever done. I have done it all. measured / shaked / fasted / counted points/ you name I have done it.

I am 62 years old and my metabolism was nil and void. I have to admit the energy I feel now it terrific. I sleep much better, maybe not as long , but boy am I rested when I get up. Ready to take on the world. Instead of rolling out of bed, I jump.

My first day on SlimRoast I drank the coffee, (thanks to Brenda Brown who opened this door for me) and about 3 hours after, I felt like someone had lifted a veil off my eyes, everything seemed cleared and brighter, I seemed a lot more focused on my clients. ( I am sure they like this as well). If this is what they meant about Brain fog gone….mine defiantly is gone.

body side by side

After my divorce in 2004, and in full blown Menopause I Had a nervous breakdown, in 2008, even though I was the one who took the first step in the proceedings, there is still that emotional set back that I never dealt with. I went on anti-depressants, they helped to keep the mind from being sad, but not the heart. I have to say, my mood and heart have been much happier,. Life is good .

I have to say Valentus will be in my life forever, It rev’d up my metabolism, made me healthier by making me more if a Alkaline body then acidic. No inflammation in my joints, like i had before. I am even considering to try and start walking again, as my plantar fasciitis is gone.

I guess I should of called this post Beverly unplugged. didn’t mean to go on and on …….. my fingers just wouldn’t stop .

“see you on the Skinny side”. pictures to follow. before and after.

*UPDATE DEC 2017 *

It has been over a year and a half since I posted this, I guess it’s time to do an update. I have remained / maintained my weight pretty much the same since May of 2016.

That is HUGE for me , by now I would have gained it all back. To update and say I haven’t, please me to no end. Oh I have gained, in the last 2 years with Valentus, but not weight.

1). I have gained my health back, better then I felt 30 years ago. and I am NOT exaggerating.
2). I have gained new friends that I now call family
3). I have gained and built a fabulous sisterhood in amongst our Team.
4). but most important I have gained my self confidence back. this one brings me to tears, I have slowly gone off my anti-depressants. That my friends, is the best feeling of all. Being able to actually have feelings and not feel numb all the time.

Yes I am a lifer, I do ALL the products everyday. I drink 2 coffee’s a day 1 trim 1 Immune 5 sprays of Maxx 3 to 4 times a day, and I am really liking the Break Through .

Waiting patiently for 2018. ❤ ❤

The Valentus Journey
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  1. This is a brilliant post. I love your journey that you are on and it really is an inspiration.

    KEEP Going and never look back. The Valentus products are not only a Health Journey but a lifestyle Change as well.

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