A Nutritional Breakthrough for Your Cells

PrevailMAX is a nutritional breakthrough provides cellular support and nutrition, enabling the body to take maximum advantage of the nutrients in foods and supplements.


PrevailMAX will help you feel more energized and have the ability to focus like never before. Take a few sprays today and see just how good you can feel!

What Does Valentus PrevailMAX Product Do?

  • PrevailMAX primary function is to increase and maximize your blood flow
  • Great things happen with your health when your blood flow and cardiovascular systems are functioning as they should
  • An increase in blood flow and circulation can help promote cell growth and organ function. Two very major body functions
  • Muscles benefit from improved blood flow as well. They get more oxygen. Do you work out? Do you like that famous pump? Are you noticing it’s harder to get that pump as time goes by?
  • Work harder and recover faster. Protect your heart. And your skin too. Improving your blood flow may be the most beneficial thing you ever do for your body
  • Healthy skin will fight off bacteria and infections. When your heart pumps properly and fully, your heart rate lowers, relaxes, and the blood flows evenly and smoothly
  • A good circulatory system helps improve brain function and can keep your mind more alert, focused and sharp. And you’ll handle those stressful situations easier and better

Healthy Blood Cells Allow The Body To Deliver Nutrients Better

Healthy blood cells and blood flow allow the body to deliver nutrients better, and assists in more complete and faster absorption of those nutrients.

The result: you will feel more energy and the ability to focus like never before.

One of the most important features of a healthy red blood cell is its ability to maintain maximum hydration, or what is also referred to as osmotic pressure. Under a microscope, this essential characteristic is similar to a fully inflated basketball – the cell becomes round and tight. Electromagnetically charging the cells enhances their osmotic pressure, thus inducing rapid cellular hydration and the ability to carry oxygen, vitamins, and minerals into the cells.

You may hear terms like “osmotic pressure” and “electromagnetic charge” and think that cellular health is too complex for the average person to comprehend. It’s not! Simply take a look at the results of this simple blood test, which shows red blood cells before and after using the formula of PrevailMax™.

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