Straight to the Source

Beautycounter is known for creating clean, effective products using the safest ingredients. But for us, “clean” is about more than what goes into a product. It’s about the entire process, from start to finish. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a responsible sourcing program to address ingredients known to have environmental and human rights impacts. Here’s how we’re leveraging our purchasing power to help make people’s lives better.


Do you know how certain cosmetic powders, like highlighter and eyeshadow, give that pretty, shimmery glow? You can thank mica for that—but sourcing this mineral has its issues. Our in-depth mica documentary exposed the unethical practices prevalent in the industry and showed how Beautycounter is transforming our supply chain to uphold the “responsible” part of our sourcing. By the end of 2020, we will have proudly audited 100 per cent of our mica suppliers.


Mmmm—the sumptuous scent of vanilla is found in Beautycounter’s sheer lipsticks and lip glosses. But as sweet as it smells, the vanilla industry has a dark side that includes child labour. One of our 2020 goals is to fully trace our vanilla supply chain, and we’re doing that by conducting on-the-ground, third-party audits to fully understand where our vanilla is coming from and how workers are being treated. Stay tuned—we’ll share our progress later this year.

Palm Oil

Though palm oil’s unsustainable practices can be damaging to the environment, Beautycounter currently uses palm derivatives to create clean skin-care products. This is because alternative ingredients (like rapeseed and soybean) are potentially even more harmful. To address these issues, we joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which helps businesses source more environmentally-friendly palm oil. Beautycounter has been working with all of our contract manufacturing partners to help them become RSPO-certified members. This way, the RSPO-Certified palm oil with which they formulate can be officially highlighted in Beautycounter’s claims. It’s our goal to push for all of our products to be RSPO-certified; a critical piece of that is ensuring that our partners go through the final paperwork and audit process. We are also a founding member of the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance which advocates for green chemistry legislation in DC, focused on funding research on innovative and more sustainable ingredients.

Creating safer beauty products that benefit both your health and the earth—while protecting human rights—is hard work. But we believe that knowledge combined with transparency is the winning formula for creating an ethical and sustainable supply chain. We’ll always keep you informed, so check back for updates, and until then, read up on our responsible sourcing program.

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