We want to thank the @pullupforchange campaign for calling on companies to share the number of Black full-time associates on their corporate team and in leadership roles. Accountability is key—and because we stand for transparency, we want to share our numbers, too.

Beautycounter has 235 full-time associates on our corporate team:

79% are women
21% are men
63% are White
30% are non-Black POC 
7% are Black

On our executive leadership team (made up of seven people):

6 women
1 man
58% are White
42% are non-Black POC
0% are Black 

On our leadership team (director level or above):

75% are White
12% are Asian
5% are Hispanic or Latinx
4% are Black
4% are two or more races

We recognize our shortcomings—we need stronger Black representation. Here’s how we’re taking action:

We will continue to ensure that we have a diverse slate of candidates for each open position, including leadership roles.

We will continue Unconscious Bias training for associates, a program that is part of our ongoing education series to raise awareness about the issue. To date, 100% of our associates have completed the training.

We are adding mandatory Diversity training for all associates.

We will have managers and above receive training on creating Psychological Safety with their teams and fellow associates.

We have created Associate Resource Groups to support and create action plans for our Black, Asian, Latinx, and LGBTQ communities.

We will continue to check in and have transparent conversations about anti-racism both at HQ and in our community (that includes anyone reading this).

We are donating funds to support anti-racist organizations. (More on that coming soon. We are identifying platforms that will get to the root of the issue, and we spent last week listening, as promised. We don’t take these decisions lightly and want to take our time to get it right.) We are also matching all HQ associate contributions to the organizations fighting racism of their choice for the month of June.

We are showing up for our Black Consultants and Clients and increasing representation throughout our social media, marketing efforts, and the products we sell—while re-examining our HQ corporate policies and diversity programs to ensure that they’re equitable and reflect our values.

We are listening to all of you. Understanding our own role in racism is uncomfortable—but necessary. Let us know how you think we could be doing a better job. We’re paying attention.

We are advocating for ongoing policy change and mobilizing our community to vote in November’s election. (As a non-partisan organization, we’ll never tell you who to vote for, but we believe voting is empowering. Register to vote if you haven’t here.)

We believe that if we stay committed to fighting racism within our organization and beyond, we will uphold our promise of creating a safer future for all.

We WILL do better.


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